From Donald M. Norrie:

Hi Ron;
    I have come across some old photos which some your membership might be interested - especially the old 421 Sqn pilots. They are of the "Change of Command" parade between S/L's Bourque and Allatt in July 1958, conducted on the 421 dispersal area. Also one from Decimomannu showing pilots marking the gunnery flag. 
     I have a question for you, or the membership; did 2 (F) Wing have the only Salvage Flight in 1 Air Division in the 50's, or was there one on every Wing?? Cheers, Don 

421 C of C - 1.jpg (76351 bytes) 421 C of C - 2.jpg (71064 bytes) 421 C of C - 3.jpg (72606 bytes) 421 C of C - 4.jpg (74274 bytes) 421 C of C - 5.jpg (60934 bytes) 421 C of C - 6.jpg (54471 bytes) 421 Pilots Marking Flag.jpg (57967 bytes)  

430 sqn sabre.JPG (38937 bytes) Here's the answer: The picture of the 430 Sqn F-86 # 677 was my aircraft. Mel Henderson from 4 wing and I collided in a Zulu airfight. Mel bailed out and I landed back at 2 Wing. Gerry Theriault was my section lead and brought me back to base. The web site is great and I was surprised to see my old aircraft.
Regards, Larry Mosser (
This photo was submitted by former M&W Tech Donald Norrie).

  JimGiles.jpg (93660 bytes)F/O Jim Giles 414 Sqn. Photo taken during one of the "Leapfrogs" and provided by OCdt Ken Duff RMC.

From Air Command Archives via Handcuff 36.
Sabre707.jpg (15460 bytes)

From Dusty Miller
Sabre709.jpg (18180 bytes)

From Air Command Archives via Robert St-Pierre
hawks.jpg (44249 bytes)

From the SPAADS gang at Calgary - Restoration of 23175
Images by Dave Lowery
23175.jpg (25891 bytes)Sabre175.jpg (17114 bytes)


Jack Wilkinson
439 sqn. Nov 1960 - Nov 1963.

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