Here's one of Jake Newlove sent by ?:


    And,a very early Sabre picture of S/L Ron Bauman at NAE Uplands. Ron later  went into Flight Safety and was posted to Metz in the early 60's in charge of AIB. (Photo provided by his son Jim).


Photos courtesy of Pat Barrett,
Left side: 422 Sqn Ops Room showing the "Tomahawks" versus the "Snakes" of 444 and the "Moose" of 419 Sqns.
Right side: The  sad end of the Sabre Days. Prestwick, Scotland in 1963.

From Capt (ret) Richard F Pane - former Armament Systems Tech.

A picture here of what I believe was referred to as the "Pranging Goat". This being the one time that I remember 410 being saddled with it. The young airman was LAC Pane (Armament Systems Tech at the time). Next, a picture of North Luffenham Flying Club (detachment, hanger, club house?)  with LAC Al  Cheney in front. Number three is  the Tiger Moth that was the first aircraft I ever flew and which got me to remuster to Aircrew courtesy of Moe Brunton  and  the SMO who's name escapes me at the moment. 

PG01.jpg (34317 bytes)  Flying Club.jpg (29570 bytes)  Tiger.jpg (21249 bytes) 
Two pictures of a Tanked Sabre that probably belonged to 439 Sqn.? I don't know if this was the one that landed in a cabbage patch or not.... 

NorthLu01b.JPG (24099 bytes)
    NorthLu01a.JPG (27442 bytes)   Dividend.jpg (58275 bytes) 
Lastly a shot of the flight line at RAF Coltishall where we were detached to during Operation Dividend. I know 410 was there but I can't remember if 441 or 439 also flew out of there for the operation. It seems to me that at least one Sqn. stayed home to mind the farm.  
Sorry for the quality of the pictures but the originals were only about 2" X1 3/4" shot with a box camera (which was about all a poor airman could afford).

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