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Hello Ron; Back again with some more.

1 One of my favorites 439 kite parked in front of hangars.
2 1954 Operation Fabulous MK 2 saber note smoking exhaust.
3 1955 Saber landing Marville.
4 1955 Another landing.
5 Same kite touching down.
6,7,8,9, Low flying display Nth Luff. all taken with a lousy box camera.



Ron. I was transferred to 1 Wing in 1951 arriving by North Star on the same day as the RAF handed over the Unit to the RCAF. I was with the MSE Section as an MSE Operator and for a period of time I ran a refueling tender.At that time we had not received any of our refuelers from Canada, so we used the old A.E.C. refuelling tenders left behind by the RAF. They were terribly unwieldy and thoroughly unreliable, but did have one unique and redeeming feature. The jet fuel was delivered through two long 360 degree swivelable booms to which the delivery hoses were attached. This made it possible to refuel two Sabres at the same time from one tender. The picture I have attached was taken by me from atop my tender. The guy on the delivery end was known to me, but as the picture was taken over fifty years ago I have forgotten his name.I was at North Luffenham from November 1951 until November 1953. Later, in 1963 I was transferred from Station St. Jean, Quebec to 3 Wing at Zweibrucken, Germany. It was from there that I took my release from the RCAF after having served for twenty years and almost five months.

    I certainly hope that you can use the photo on your web site. I only came to find the site to-night just as I was about to go to bed. I think it's really great! I'll be notifying all my ex-RCAF friends about it. Many thanks for your great work
    Jim O'Connor
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