This page lists data about the Canadair Sabre and its F-86F cousin.

A Comparison - Sabre VI vs F-86F
Canadair Sabre Mk.VI North American F-86F
Wing Span37 ft. 1 in39 ft. 1.5 in
Length37 ft. 5 in37 ft. 6.5 in
Height14 ft. 7 in14 ft. 9 in
Gross Weight - clean 14,400 lb 15,198 lb
Engine TypeOrenda 14GE J47-GE-27
Engine Thrust7275 lb.5910 lb.
Range, small tanks1480 miles926 miles
Initial Climb Rate, clean 11,800 ft/min8,100 ft/min
Max Speed710 mph678 mph
Climb to 40,000 - clean6 minutesunknown
Climb to 50,000 - clean12 minutesunknown

Hi Ron
Read your comparison and noticed a slight problem. You forgot to mention that the F model you used was the -40 which had a two foot wider wingspan. This not only gave the beast greater low-speed stability but kept it from digging-in on low-speed turns, especially when turning final (which could ruin your whole day).
One day I'll write you about watching a Golden Hawk Sabre crash-land at Uplands.
Till then
Dan (ex ArmtSTech on Sabres, Clunks, and 104s)

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